Paper Bag Vs Plastic Bag 2020
Plastic Bag Vs Paper bag
June 1, 2020

Top 5 Paper Bag Making Machine Pune


Nowadays, whenever people think of Paper or Plastic, the response is always high on Paper. We all realize that plastic is dangerous for nature, and that plastic bags, specifically, are stopping up our seas, choking the animal lives, and overall destructing the world.

For these, the paper bag industry has situated itself in a prioritized position in recent decades. Stepbizz stands as the best paper bag Making machine in Pune, offering the finest quality in the cheapest rates available in the market. Generally, fabric and jute bags were utilized to pack things in bigger amounts during their exchange from factories to retailers and distributors.

Increasing use of a paper bag

The shopkeepers utilized the paper bags to circulate littler amount products to the public. Also, paper bags are as utilized by small shops like in sweet shop, roadside food sellers, pastry bakeries, and by few vegetable vendors. But a paper bag’s basic firmed structure and surface element made it perfect to print great pictures, logo, plans better when compared with a plastic bag, and that made paper bags a hit for style, best and premium gift-wrapping industry.

The involvement of a paper bag in business and trade continuously stayed limited because of the industrialization and advancement of plastic packaging choices that had higher perseverance, quality, and capacity to secure items, particularly food products from outside, expanding the item’s span of usability. And hence plastic governed the worldwide bundling industry for the last 5 to 6 decades.

How paper bags are best compared to plastic bags

  • Paper bags are biodegradable. Hence when a paper bag is disposed it would not loiter on the ground for more days, and slowly it would get absorbed and mixed in the soil. Whereas plastics, being the non-biodegradable resource, it does not get mixed with the soil. Hence it increases a greater amount of soil and land pollution.
  • Paper bags, when disposed of, works as a landfill. These landfills have proved to be on the best fertilizers for the vegetation. It increases the fertility of the soil. To reduce the disposal of plastic bags, when plastics are burst, it extracts smoke which gets mixed in the air, thus causing air pollution too.
  • Paper bag acts as a boon for preserving and protecting the eatables. Paper doesn’t contain any chemicals, hence keeps the food healthy, when packed or carried in a paper bag. However, when the same is carried in plastic bags or containers, a part of the harmful chemicals gets mixed into the food, hence contaminating the eatables.
  • Plastic bags are too risky for the fauna world apart from human beings. Most of the sensitive creatures, like birds, aquatic creatures, wild animals, assume the left-over plastic to be their foods and swallow the plastic. It severely gets stuck in their food pipes and causes death. Even some of them manage to swallow, the plastic mixes with the animal intestine, resulting in death due to starvation.

Benefits Of Paper Bags

  • Paper bags are bio-degradable: Most importantly, a paper bag won’t loiter on the earth’s surface for the following 1000 years, in contrast to plastic bags. We don’t have to lose on our marine diversity, the water creatures on the ocean, seas, lakes, ponds, and rivers with plastic contamination. Paper bags won’t destroy the most soil’s fertility because of plastic blend in topsoil if the world moves from using plastic to biodegradable paper bags. Indeed, most paper bags burn within 6 months to corrupt, and most of the time, they wind up turning rich and fertile waste for growing crops.
  • Paper bags can be recycled: Paper bags are generally 100% recyclable. Dissimilar to plastic, which disperses incredibly harmful and noxious gases in the climate during the reusing procedure, the paper bags can be recycled and reused that has no such risk involved. Above all, it does not generate pollution and creates no contamination.
  • Paper Bags works as a brilliant energy-saving resource:Paper bags are environment friendly as it helps in consuming a large amount of energy. This is one of the extraordinary uses of paper bags over plastic and jute bags. It is typically manufactured using locally accessible materials, which also reduces transportation costs and acts as an energy saver.
  • Paper bags help in preserving natural resources:There is a vast use of paper bags in ecological terms. They help in protecting the natural resources and helps in preventing depleting the ozone layer, as it does not emit any bad smoke when burnt.

It is vital to say that one needs to use more eco-friendly choices to spare the planet. One extraordinary approach to do such is by producing the utilization of paper bags. Hence, it is high time to swap using paper bags than plastic ones.

Top 5 paper bag making machine in Pune

1. Fully Automatic Paper Bag Machine

Fully Automatic Paper Bag Machine

Hanje Hydrotech in Mumbai, is one of the leading manufacturers of Paper Bag Making Machine. It is the first machine in India that runs on single-phase electricity, as well as 3 phase light connection on households.

It causes low wastage because of its variable frequency drive and the production energy and speed can be adjusted as per the requirements. This can produce quality paper bags using 50gsm papers.

Extra rollers are there to provide good pasting and the paper flexo printing is also attached. It can unwind paper roll upto 1000mmand can produce 6000 to 10000 bags per hour, depending on the bag size.

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2. Hanje Hydrotech’s Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine

Hanje Hydrotech’s Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine

This machine is completely automatic and produces papers using 44Gsm to 140gsm papers. The total power consumed by this machine is 3HP/440V or 230V. The total machine dimension goes like this: 5000(L) x 1700(W) x 2200(H) mm.

It can produce up to 6000 to 10000 bags per hour, which is size-dependent. The standard size is somewhere between 10cm to 42cm in width, and 15cm to 60cm in length.

3. Hanje Hydrotech’s Paper Shopping Bag Making Machine

Hanje Hydrotech’s Paper Shopping Bag Making Machine

It produces up to 6000 to 10000 shopping bags per hour depending on the size of the bag.  It uses the 44GSM to 140GSM quality of papers for the production of the finest paper bags.

These shopping bags are known for their damage resistance and long service life. It has got the user-friendly designs and mostly used for its lightweight. It is very easy to use and can be found at very reasonable rates.

4. Panova Engineers Paper Bag Making Machine

Panova Engineers Paper Bag Making Machine

The product code in PE PBMM 01. With the help of Kraft papers, greaseproof papers, it produces the Flat and Satchel Paper Bags. Also at times, white paper and poster papers are used.

The paper bags are used in packing confectionery, food materials, ready-made garments, tea power grocery, tobacco packaging, dry cleaners, etc. There are different models; large, medium, standard, and baby. The capacity for producing the paper bags per 8 hours are 50-60000 bags, 60-70000 bags, 70-80000bags, 80-90000 bags respectively. The maximum size of the bags are 42cm x 60cm, 28 x 50cm, 26cm x 36cm, 15cm x 22cm respectively.

The minimum size of these bags according to the model sizes are 12cm x 18cm, 12cm x 18cm, 5cm x 10cm, 5cm x 10cm respectively.

5. Mohindra Standard Paper bags making Machine

Mohindra Standard Paper bags making Machine

The size of the model is 34 inches. The size of the paper is between 12 to 42cm in width, and 18 to 65cm in length, the side and the bottom gusset is between 4cm to 16cm. The quality of the paper used is 20 to 120gsm in range. The paper roll width is 90cm to the 36-inch max. The drive motor AC are 3HP, 5HP, and 5HP.

FAQs Section

a. Do Stepbizz transport good for my company?

Yes, we ship all over India. Transportation of goods to the production plant or any business area is organized by our contractual partners. We give assurance on the material carrying. However, shipping charges apply to some parts of India.

b. Are you certified for food packaging?

Yes, for the maximum products we offer, we fulfill the terms and conditions for food a material packaging.

c. Do you hold the required certification for medicine packaging?

Yes, we are certified for the pharmaceutical industry, for safe and secured packaging.

d. What is the minimum number of orders you take?

Normally, the minimum order we consider is 1 palette of goods. However, this is dependent on the size of the paper bags.


Above is the list of few paper bags making machines in Pune. You can explore the benefits and uses of paper bags over plastic bags, making it beneficial to the environment both for animal and plant lives. However, before purchasing a paper bag making machine, you should explore some of the qualities, like, the trusted manufacturer, the services and the maintenance, durability and long-lasting power, etc. To hit the target production, the capacity of manufacturing the bags needs to be checked, and most importantly the total electricity consumption.

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