Top 10 Paper Bag Making Machines in India 2020

Top 10 Tissue Paper Making Machine in India 2020
Top 10 Tissue Paper Making Machine in India 2020
April 4, 2020
How to Start Paper Bag Business
How to Start Paper Bag Making Business
April 17, 2020

Top 10 Paper Bag Making Machines in India 2020

Top 10 Paper Bag Making Machines in India

Are you looking for a Paper bag making machine?

Then read this article till the end.

In this article, we will share a list of the best ten paper bag making machine companies in India.

Our catalogue contains the best paper bag making machine manufacturers from every corner of India.

After reading this list, you do not need to go anywhere to find a proper paper bag machine manufacturer.

The reason for purchasing a paper bag making machine can be different. Maybe you want for wholesale or perhaps to make branded designs for your retail business.

Also, a paper bag is the most loved package for all the retailers, business, food store, clothes brand, vendors and a vast list of all.

If you are one of them, then this list can save a lot of time to find the best seller or manufacturer of paper bag machines.

So, without wasting any bit of time, let’s dive in our cream phase of the article. Before reading the list, let’s learn the parameters that you should keep in mind during the purchase of a Paper bag making machine.

Reasons to choose paper bags in 2020

Paper bags are getting attention as these bags are biodegradable, recyclable, and the big thing is environment friendly.

It is worldwide known that plastic bags need a lot of years and more energy to recycle. On the other side, paper bags need less energy and time to reclaim.

Also, these paper bags are customarily box-shaped in design, to hold more goods and stand upright.

There are a lot of reasons to choose paper bags in 2020. Few of them are these bags are environment-friendly, cheap in price, best for food storage, clothes and shopping.

Also, Keep in mind these are not single terms; we have a lot more reasons to choose paper bags.

Increased use of paper bags

Really? After discussing the reason to choose a paper bag in 2020 we need to explain it in depth. It is okay; we know why to choose a paper bag business in 2020.

Let’s talk about the increased demand for paper bags. Now the world is understanding and giving more importance to the environment, that is a game-changing factor.

And many governments have taken action on plastic bags as well to reduce its use that’s automatically boosting the use of paper bags. As Huge disadvantages of Plastic bags for environment.

Most of the big food companies, cloth brands, industrialists, corporate marketing managers are using paper bags for branding and packing as well. It does not only save the environment but also leave a positive mark on your customer.

That’s the reason paper bags become famous in the food and clothes industries. And nowadays we can see McDonald, Subway, Pizza hut, Adidas and much more are using paper bags.

Paper bag machines price in India

When it’s come to the cost of paper bag machines, we have to be aware of the trends of these machines.

Now we are in the era of a fast and ultra-modern world where AI or automation is dominating the way of work.

Now we have fully automated paper bag making machines, automatic cutter machines, counting technology or even packaging facility is available.

So, considering all of these factors, you have to be prepared for your future machine cost. As per our list, we have a lot of machines with an estimated price tag.

After calculating, the average price of a paper bag making machine is around 4 to 5 lakh per unit. Also, we attached an estimated price tag that can help get the actual price of the device.

Note: As we promised, you can find the best and affordable machine. So, you can also negotiate the price of the device to contact them because this is the estimated cost, not a final value.

Parameters that affect your purchase of paper bag making machine

In this section of our article, we will try to explore the reason or settings that we should consider before purchasing a paper bag making machine. Let’s rock on;

    1. Trusted manufacturer: Very first step of our purchase is to find a trusted and quality manufacturer for your machine. As a business startup, it is compulsory to choose a trustworthy seller that can be helpful to the growth of your business. But you do not need to worry about manufacturers, in this list we covered and mentioned all trusted and best sellers.
    1. Services and maintenance: We added most of them are providing a one-year warranty of the machine. But the support of the paper bag making machine is a crucial aspect. You should choose a seller that can offer maintenance services in your area or at least in your state.
    1. Durable and Long-lasting: Buying a paper bag making machine is not a cheap deal, it costs in lakhs. And Nobody wants to lose her tools in just a couple of months. So the build quality of the machine should be high.
    1. The capacity of bag manufacturing: How many bags can your machine produce in minutes? It is a critical thing you consider before buying a paper bag making machine. More numbers of bags mean fast work and quick delivery of orders. In this scenario, the automatic paper bag making machines are a game-changing factor. Standard production size is around 60 to 150 bags/minutes.
    1. Electricity consumption: Electricity consumption is another remarkable point that you should consider. Nowadays, with the help of a bag making modern technology machines consume less electricity and need less power to run smoothly. These are the few aspects that you keep in mind. Remember these are not only considered factors such as bag maximum and minimum size, GSM of paper, Drive and operating system and much more.

Top 10 Paper Bag Making Machines

01. Parkash Offsets

Small Scale Paper Bag Machine

Parkash Web offset Pvt ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of Paper Bag Machines in various versions and cut off in India. Prakash Group of Industries where you will get a wide experience of advancement of machinery with latest innovations with printing technology and quality of the machine.

They established a hi-tech and advanced manufacturing plant with all the components Copper Rollers, Spare Parts, and Rubber rollers, etc.

They have a highly skilled team of engineers using the most up to date manufacturing method guaranteeing consistent quality and finish.

Technical parameters of Machine:

  1. Paper bag running size is approx width 7cm to 27cm
  2. Length 16cm to 45cm
  3. The capacity of the bag is 60 to 600 per minute (depends on the paper bag size)
  4. Total power consumption is 4KW
  5. When it comes to it is the size of the machine, then it’s overall dimension is 3800*1400*1570mm.
  6. The weight of the device is around 2500kg.

Rating of the Machine: 8.5/10.

Estimated Price: 3 to 5 lakh. Also, you discuss and negotiate the price of the machine to contact them.

Address: Plot no. 268,269,270 Sector 58, Faridabad 121004 Haryana, India.


Email Id:

02. Friends Engineering Pvt. ltd

Friends Engineering Paper Bag Machine India

Friends Engineering overseas exports are one of the modern and renowned organizations, that is highly engaged and dedicated in manufacturing, exporting and wholesaling of paper napkin machine, paper cup making machine, cutting machines and much more.

The company CEO Manjit Singh has almost 20 years of experience in this field. Also, a large number of highly professional engineers are working day and night to provide quality machines to the customers.

The significant aspect of their services is quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Technical Parameters of the Machine:

  1. The Machine is fully automatic and does not need human intervention.
  2. Capacity of bag production is approx 6000 to 10000 bags per hour.
  3. Maximum size of the container is 42 cm x 60 cm.
  4. It can be a perfect choice to fulfil grocery sector requirements.

Rating of the Machine: 9/10.

Estimated Price: 5 to 6lakh per unit.

Address: J- 126-B, Vishnu Garden, New Delhi- 110018, Delhi, India.

Telephone: 08048589417

03. Sahil Graphics & Engineering

Paper Bag Machine by sahil graphics

Sahil Graphics is a Highly professional machine manufacturer, Importers & exporters, and suppliers in India. Sahil Graphics is the active members of IPAMA (Indian Printing, Packaging and Allied Machinery Manufacturers ‘ Association).

They’re Specializing in a single color, two color, and four color sheet fed offset printing machine, a non-woven bag to bag printing machines. As a leading industry Sahil Graphics exports machines to various countries like Mauritius, Sri lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia,Kuwait, Europe.

Technical Parameter of the Machine:

  1. Model of the Machine is SG-PBM 270 / 350.
  2. The estimated bag length and width are 160-450mm & 70-270mm, respectively.
  3. When considering the machine speed, it can produce 60-600 bags/min.
  4. The machine dimension is approx 3657 x 1960 x 1524 mm
  5. Weight of the machine is 2000 to 2300kg.

Rating of the Machine: 9/10.

Estimated price: up to 6lakh. You can also discuss contacting them.

Address: Plot No. 62, Sector 59, H. S. I. D. C. Industrial Estate Faridabad – 121004, Haryana, India.

Telephone: +91 9811037642

04. Hanje Hydrotech Company

Large Scale Paper Bag Machine in India

Hanje Hydrotech is a Pune Maharastra(India) based company that is well-known for the revolutionary range of all types of machines for small scale to large scale business. Hanje Hydrotech Company is reputed a young and dynamic company with strong leadership and a dedicated team of agency experts. With more than 20 years of work experience.

Their products are manufactured using high-grade primary material and electric components. Company delivers paper bag machines in pune and other cities too.

Also, they have a vast number of team members such as Procuring agents, Engineers, Warehouse personnel, Quality controllers, Sales and marketing executives to deliver a quantitative and extraordinary product to their clients.

Technical Parameters of the Machine:

  1. The length and width of the page bag running size are 15cm to 60 cm, 10cm to 42cm, respectively.
  2. When it comes with a large number of bag production capacity that can manufacture 60 to 600 bags/min.
  3. It has a PNP Metal magnetic sensor of 250L/15V.
  4. It needs only 3 HP/440V (or) 230V total power.

Rating of the Machine: 9/10.

Estimated Price: 4.97 Lakh per unit.

Address: 167/1/2A/7, Plot No. 8, Near Factory Road Ghatkopar West, Mumbai- 400001, Maharashtra, India

Telephone: 08048106967

05. Mohindra Roto Pvt. ltd

Best Paper Bag Machine in 2020

Mohindra Mechanical Works is Asia’s most significant manufacturers and exporters of Printing and Packaging Machines.

With the lieutenant of this Paper Bag Making Machinery, you can manufacture bags in different sizes for packing confectionery, ready-made garments, foodstuff, tea powder, tobacco, groceries and dry cleaners with ease.

They offer a variety of products such as Paper Bag, Carry Bag, Shopping Bag, Food Bag Designing Machine etc. Mohindra Mechanical Works is engaged in offering their client, a wide verity of manufacture industry Machines. They helps their clients while business setup and machine installation.

Mohindra Roto have a longer service life, precise designs and resistance against corrosion as these are made using high-grade steel and modern machinery.

Technical Parameters of the Machine:

  1. This machine can produce 75 to 125 bags per minute depending on the material.
  2. Three models MMW 101, MMW 102, MMW 103 for Large, medium and baby size respectively.
  3. For drive 3 HP AC & DC 1440 RPM Required.

Rating of the Machine: 8.9/10.

Estimated Price: 5lakh. Contact us if a feature is available to negotiate the price of the machine.

Address: RZ-73, Nursing Garden, Khyala Village, New Delhi – 110018, India.

Telephone: +91-9999778804, +91-9312944733

Email ID:

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06. Fair Print Affordable Paper Bag Machine Supplier

Top Paper Bag Machine Supplier CompanyIndia

An old and well-established company fair Print is one of the best small scale machines manufacturers. As one of the reputed Bag Making Machine Manufacturers in haryana they are committed to deliver advance technology based machinery  to their customers with our affordable range.

They are a team of highly professional and experienced (20+ years) engineers, product managers and the CEO.

Some of their services and products are extra ordinary. Their machinery are highly durable and high qualitative. Fair print provide a service of machinery customization to their clients as per business demand and requirement.

Technical Parameter of the Machine:

  1. The capacity of the machine to produce a bag per minute is approx 65 to 600(for accurate numbers you can drop enquiry).
  2. The maximum bag size limit is around 42cm * 60cm.
  3. It has exceptional speed, durability, flexibility and dependability will give you value for money.

Rating of the Machine: 8.0/10

Estimates price: 4 to 6 lakh per unit.

Address: 686, Sector-69, IMT Faridabad-121004, Haryana.

Telephone: +91-9953135656, +91-9810158509

Email: and

07. Shki Machinery Services

Paper Bag Business Machine

Shki Is one of the leading manufacturers of highly advanced machinery, One of well known Grocery paper bag making machine. Shki Engineering have experience of working more than 15 international clients. they believes in upgrade in technology.

SHKI is a Jaipur, Rajasthan based machine manufacture company. They also have expertise in different domains too. As a vision to the priority to serve perfect quality machines, various stringent quality tested for each machine which are conducted under the supervision by experienced quality controllers.

Also, it is the fastest-growing company of Automatic machine designers in India.

Technical Parameters of the Machine:

  1. It is a fully automatic paper bag machine that can produce 1500+ bags per hour.
  2. For running this machine, 220V is required.
  3. Weight of the device is approx 3000kg.

Rating of the Machine: 8.0/10.

Estimated Price: 4.5 lakh per unit.

Address: Plot No. 54 And 55, 52 Feet Hanuman Ji NH-11 Agra Road, PinkCity Hospital, Jaipur- 302012, Rajasthan, India

Telephone: 08047018824

08. Bharat Business Making Machine

Paper Bag Machine Under 2 Lacs

Atmiya Manufacturing Company gained fame as the Manufacturer and Supplier of Small Scale manufracture business  Machine exporter from Tamil Nadu, India.

The products of Atmiya Manufacturing Company are accessible for smooth operation, hassle-free performance and long functional life.

Due to outstanding rich industry experience, they become one of the trusted machinery sellers as well.

One of the most distinct and prominent factors in Bharat machines is durability and value for money. Their quality assurance deserves more appreciation.

Technical Parameters of the Machine:

  1. When it comes to its technical parameters, it can produce 70 t0 150 bags per minute.
  2. The required paper for the machine is single side poly coated.
  3. The maximum bag size can be 42cm wide and 65cm long.
  4. It is functional in Single/Three-phase electrical supply.
  5. The total power consumption of the machine is nearly 3.5kw.
  6. Support both manual and auto operating modes.

Rating of the Machine: 8.0/10.

Estimated Price: 4-6 lakh per unit.

Address: I-1 Sidco Industrial Estate II, Thanjavur Road, Machuvadi, Pudukkottai – 622004

Telephone:+91 77080 04322


09. Tech Pro Engineering Services

Affroadable Paper Bag Machine

Tech Pro Engineering Services are specialists in high quality pollution free Paper Bag Making Machine manufacturing company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

This Tech Pro designed Machines is used to make a paper bag. It’s a fully Automatic Machine. Besides the machine system includes all the factions in international standards. They are specialist in industrial project work and machinery parts manufacturing.

Tech Pro Engineering Services was established in 2000 and had 20+ years of experience of the machinery maintenance and repair. They includes all the factions in international standards in all machines.

Technical Parameters of the Machine:

  1. It comes in two senior and junior models with maximum paper width 42″ and 30″ respectively.
  2. Both of them have a bag counting facility, cold glue application and batch alarm facility.
  3. The speed of the production is 400 sheets per min. (speed. varies according to different papers, can produce two lakhs per 8 hrs.)

Rating of the Machine: 8.5/10.

Estimated price: up to 5.5 lakh per unit.

Address: 67/10 Revabhai estate, CTM, Ahmedabad 380026, Gujarat, India.

Telephone: +91 9825666492


10. Bharat Manufacture industries

Small Scale Paper Bag Business

Bharat Manufacture industries are one of the famous and well-known companies for  making machines for Businesses in Madhyamgram, Kolkata, West Bengal.

They also offer a range of best grade Hand Press Machine, Semi automatic Machine. Small

These ranges are manufactured using modern technology and best quality raw material under the supervision of highly skilled professionals.

Technical Parameters of the small scale machine:

  1. This small scale fully automatic paper bag making machine can produce shopping bags, carry bags and more.
  2. The rate of speed manufacturing is approx 100-200 pieces/hours.
  3. The maximum bag length can be 180mm to 690mm.

Rating of the Machine: 8.0/10.

Estimated Price: 3.75 lakh per unit.

Address: House No. 179, Sodepur Road West Madhyamgram Bazar, Kolkata- 700130, West Bengal, India.

Telephone: 08048723834.


It is time to wrap up the things in the final words. So, above we share a list of the best paper bag making machine manufacturers and sellers.

We also attached their technical parameters that can help you decide for the final purchase. Besides, you will find contact details of all the sellers.

Now it is your time to make an excellent purchase for your business and surprise the world with your potential. All the best and best wishes for business growth. Read our article on ultimate guide on How to start paper bag business..


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