Top 10 Paper Plate Making Machines in India in 2020

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Top 10 Paper Plate Making Machines in India in 2020

Paper Plate Making Machine

Are you looking for paper plates making machines?


Want to purchase a paper plate making machine?

If yes, then you are at the right place to know in-depth about paper plates machines.

In this article, we will share a list of best and popular paper plates making machine manufacturer, which are rich in features, highly durable or long-lasting, proper finishing, functional design, cost-effective, and a lot more. We will explore all the related things in-depth and try to understand these machines.

Nowadays, the interest of society is moving towards paper plates. We can see at many weddings, events, fruit chaat, functions, and other foods related to things. To get a better understanding, you can compare the present items with past days or before ten days. In old days paper plates, cups, disposable glass, etc. were not very common.

Also, paper plates are environment friendly and recyclable. It is a significant factor in the rapid increase in the usage of paper plates. So, in all directions, we can use these plates. Then why not start a business in this domain?

That is the reason we have written this article for you. So, If you are planning a start-up, then this list gold for you. Below we also share a buying guide to a paper plate making machine.  So, don’t skip any part and read till the ends. These 5 or 10 minutes read can save your thousands of minutes if research.


Paper plate scope in the market


As we mentioned above, paper plates are trendy nowadays. And day by day, the use of these plates increasing rapidly. So, you can predict the paper plate market has enough potential to grow your business.

The average cost of a paper plate making machine

Generally, the price of the machine depends on the machine automation type.  Also, the production capacity, electricity consumption is a game-changing factor. But when it comes to picking a price range for all types of basic to advance paper plate making machines, it varies between 40k to 2 lacs.

Also, we mentioned the estimated Paper Plate Making Machine price in India. And you can discuss the current price and haggling as well.

Don’t rush; consider these points before purchasing a any machine and business setup.

We can feel your excitement, but do not be quick. Before purchasing a paper plate machine, we need to take care of many things. These are the following.

  1. Trusted Company: Nike Adidas, reebok, puma are not single brands in the world. You need to look for a trusted and popular manufacturer. Below mentioned all the companies are best, trusted, and fashionable as well.
  2. Production Capacity: The production capacity of the paper plate machines is varying in the type of automation grade of the device. The standards production range is 45 to 80 plates per minute. So, before selecting the final one, analyze the production capacity, and choose the best one.
  3. Electricity Consumption: We hope you are managing and have cost management in your company. The same thing applies to the paper machine, never go with very old or traditional devices that are consuming more electricity. Today’s latest and modern technology machines are wasting less energy.
  4. Quality Assurance: This one is the essential requirement in the purchase of a Small Scale paper plate machine. You can’t ignore the quality of your tools. Better quality means less maintenance and more life. In this scenario, you need to stay away from cheap machines that are less compatible and have a little experience.
  5. Durable Machines: It is another essential factor that we need to consider before purchasing our machine. Choose a long-lasting device that will be your long runner and profit generator.
  6. Maintenance: As a business firm, you know very well about the upkeep. As we mentioned in the quality section, support is an essential factor. So, choose the best quality machine that needs less maintenance and frequent services.


Best 10 Paper plate making machines in 2020


01. Hariram machinery Pvt Ltd



Hariram machinery Paper plate machine


Hariram machinery is one of the top companies in this domain area. They are the leading manufacturers, suppliers, traders, distributors, and wholesalers of the varied range of Automatic paper plates and Dona making machines. As we discussed in our guide section, the company profile is a crucial factor, before spending a significant amount on machinery. Hariram is a Surat, Gujarat, India based company which is working since 2005.

The CEO of the company, Mr. Gautam Chandu, and other more than 50 employees, are working in this firm to fulfill the dream of medium business people. And opportunely, we found that they are topmost professional and experienced employees.

It is a significant factor in providing a quality-oriented product. And this is the reason we are saying their team is highly skilled and experienced professionals. They put their energy and efforts to conquer a predefined goal of the company.

Hariram machinery is also famous for providing a quality product before the deadline and with extraordinary finishing. They care and understand and the importance of the demand of the clients. Their team will note all your requirements and put everything in your  machine.

Technical Parameters of the Machine

  1. First, they are selling many machines such as automatic, semi-automatic, manual operated, and hydraulic paper plate making machines.
  2. The size of the paper plate varies between 4” to 18”.
  3. The production capacity of dishes, bowl, and thali is 4000 to 6000 pcs/hrs, 800 to 1000 pcs/hrs, 1200 to 1800 pcs/hrs, respectively.
  4. It has fitted and manually operated gears.
  5. The weight of the machine is nearly 250kg.

Our rating: 9.5/10.

Estimated price: 60k to 1 lac.

Address:  B/46-50, Maruti Industrial Estate, Pandesara, Udhna, Surat – 394221, Gujarat, India.

Telephone: 08048951523.


02. Atmiya Manufacturing & Automations



Atmiya Manufacturing Automatic paper plate making machines


Another Surat, Gujarat based company in our list, but with different features. Atmiya manufacturing is established in 2012 at Surat. It is a progressive supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, importer, and exporter of the Dona and paper plate making machines. The Machine Design skill of addressing and understanding the requirements of clients is an essential and game-changing factor for a business. And guess where Atmiya stand? Topmost.

It is only possible with their hard-working, dedicated, and experienced professional engineers. They design, develop and distribute their machinery with the help of the product engineers, quality control engineers, manufacturing experts, sales and marketing professionals, and a large group of logistics experts.


Technical parameters of the machine

  1. Atmiya offers a lot of devices such as a fully automated, semi-automatic machines, Paper Thali making machines.
  2. Its support plate size from 4” to 14”.
  3. The weight of the engine is approx 500 to 600kg. The electricity required is 230V, and power consumption is nearly 1.5 units/hr.
  4. The power of the machine is 4+4 KW
  5. The capacity of the device is almost 4000 to 5500 pcs/hrs.

Our rating: 9.0/10

Estimated price: 1 lac.

Address: No. 307, Ganga Nagar, Near SMC School Simada Gam, Nana Varachha, Surat- 395006, Gujarat, India.

Telephone: 08337429742.


03. K P Enterprises Hydraulic Paper Plate manufacturing machine



K P Enterprises Hydraulic Paper Plate manufacturing machine


Before diving into the details of the K P enterprises, think about reputation and brands. The same thing is also applicable to your business as well. You need to establish a brand and make it reputed. K P Enterprises is a reputed company that is engaged in manufacturing, retailing, trading and wholesaling of plate making tools, Paper making machinery, Paper plate die, and more.

The machines are K P enterprises manufactured utilizing high-grade raw materials and hi-tech technology. Hydraulic fully automatic machines are the perfect examples of the materials and technology as well. All the products and machinery of K P enterprises are international quality standards level.

The proprietor Mr. Kaustubh Pandit and more than 30 Experienced and professional engineers, quality managers, sales managers are ensuring the quality and perfect finishing of your machines. The K P Enterprises was established in 2012, And all the working staff and team members are highly skilled and industry specialists.


Technical Parameters of the machine

  1. This hydraulic paper dish making machine is fully automatic.
  2. The plate production quality of the devices is approximately 1500 to 3000 pcs/hrs.
  3. The oil tank capacity of the machine is 50 Litre.
  4. The maximum size of the plate can be 4” to 14”.
  5. Power consumption and required voltage are 2.5 unit/hr and 220V.

Our rating: 8.7/10.

Estimated price: 50k to 80k.

Address: 314/15, Aanusaya Nagar, Takli Road, Jail Road Nashik Road, Dwarka, Nashik- 422101, Maharashtra, India.

Telephone: 08048589421.


04. Sky Engineering Double Cylinder Hydraulic Paper plate machine



Sky Engineering Double Cylinder Hydraulic Paper plate machine


Sky engineering company is one of the oldest and trusted company in this sphere. The Sky Engineering company established in 2006 at Patna, Bihar. They offer an exceptional range of machine. Double Cylinder hydraulic is one of the tops and advanced tools of this company.

Sky Engineering has developed a leading infrastructure system for textile their wide range of products with maximum perfection. The machinery of sky engineering is highly durable, accurate, and superior finishing and a lot more care.

Under the guidance of Mr. Nasir Ansari, this company is overgrowing and achieving the prime goals of attaining the utmost client satisfaction by offering quality products. It is tough to choose the best one from many bests. But sky engineering has a lot of reasons to choose them over form other primes.

Technical parameters of the machine

  1. As we said earlier, double cylinder hydraulic is one of the advanced and fastest machine design company.
  2. It is a high-speed machine that can produce more than 2,00,000 plates per 10 hours, which is very fast.
  3. It supports paper plates size up to 20 inches.
  4. Mild steel materials are used in this machine.

Our rating: 8.5/10.

Estimated price: 1 to 1.30 lac.

Address: House No. 885, Lekha Nagar, Raj Nagar Saguna More Khagaul Road, Mustafapur, Patna – 801105, Bihar, India.

Telephone: 08048740210.


05. Aman Impex Automatic Vertical paper plate machine



Aman Impex Automatic Vertical paper plate machine


Aman Impex is new but one of the fastest-growing paper machines manufacturing company in India. Aman Impex situated in 2015 at Rohini, New Delhi. Their excellence in developing modern-day hydraulic equipment. Their specialty is predominating hydraulic technology to produce ultra-qualitative machinery.

Mr. Aftab Ansari is the CEO of the Aman Impex. He is leading a young, dynamic and passionate experts that are highly compatible with modern technologies. They have industry’s best experts, highly experienced R & D Specialists, quality assurance managers, and friendly workspace.

Aman’s additional business is exporting, wholesaling, trading, retailing, importing, supplier, non- profit organization, and much more. And the annual company turnover is around one crore.


Technical parameters

  1. The automatic alignment setup is a fully advancemachine.
  2. The maximum plate size is varying between 4 inches to 14 inches.
  3. The plate production capacity of the device is around 1500 to 2000.
  4. The power supply for the machine is 220V, 50Hz required.
  5. The power consumption of this machine is nearly 2 to 2.5 KW.
  6. The weight of the device is approximately 500kg.
  7. Overall, it is a highly durable, robust, weather resistance, and seamlessly designed paper plate producing machine.

Our rating: 8.5/10

Estimated price: 45000 to 60,000.

Address: Plot No. 801, Paul Colony, Nala Road Near Gas Agency Back Side, Rohini, New Delhi- 110085, Delhi, India.

Telephone: 08048018896.


06. Greentech Engineering  & Agrotech



Greentech Engineering Paper plate construction machine


Everybody, the #1 place, is only for one company, but this is not a parameter that applies to every company. Greentech Engineering is a very new but one trending company in Gujrat and all over India. It is located at Surat, Gujarat, and established in 2015. They are known for the manufacturers, exporters, and trader of the next generation industrial machines and dies. They offer a variety of products such as fully automatic all manufacturer machines.

Mr. Hien Radadiya is the CEO of Greentech engineering. His specialty in the product line and creating highly productive machinery. He is managing a team of more than 100’s people. They have an extremely experienced team of sedulous workforce and production experts that are accountable for offering industrial machines.

In the 21st century, technology is dominating in every filed. Greentech engineering is also hitting the green mark in this field as well.

Technical parameters of the Greentech machine

The machine is fully automatic and no need for human intervention in the workspace. The production capacity of the device is nearly 2000 to 5000 pcs per hour. And the maximum plate size can be 4 to 10”. The weight of the machine is around 450kg.

Our rating: 8.4/10.

Estimated price: 1.50 lac to 2 lacs.

Address: Plot No. A-13/22-23, Ground Floor Central Road No. 7, Udhayognagar, Udhana, Surat- 394210, Gujarat, India.

Telephone: 08048556873.


07. Kalica Enterprises and Engineering



Kalica Enterprises Plates machine


We have seen many trusted, trending, leading, and more. It is time to go with a popular one. Kalica enterprises are a famous company in this domain area and well-known for industrial machines. Also, the age of the company is almost 20 years. It is established in 2001 at Maharashtra, India.

The most popular products in their clients, such as industrial press machine, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic power pack, plate production machine, filling machines, etc.

Besides, they provide fabrication services and other after-sales services for devices. The founder of the Kalica is Mr. M.P Tiwari. He has more than 20 years of experience in this domain.

Their experts and highly experienced professionals manage the manufacturing unit of Kalica. Kalica enterprises offer a friendly work environment, and their products are dedicated to international quality standards. Their hiring focus on highly technical and well-qualified engineers.

Technical parameters

  1. The Kalica design fully automatic machines no manual operation required.
  2. The paperweight should be 80 to 100 GSM.
  3. The production or making capacity of the device is more than 65 plates per minute.
  4. The total weight of the invention is varying between 200 to 250kg.
  5. The color of the design is blue.

Our rating: 8.2/10.

The estimated price of the machine: 50,000 per unit.

Address: 1114, 1st Floor, Gate No. 2, Bhandup Industrial Estate L.B.S Marg, Bhandup West Airoli, Mumbai – 400078, Maharashtra, India.

Telephone: 08048763442.


08. ShreeRam Enterprise Engineering



ShreeRam Enterprises Fully automatic paper plate machine


ShreeRam enterprises are one of the leading manufacturer firms of plate making and cutting machines. They offer highly demanded machinery across the india.

In our research, we found they aim to present high-value and cost-efficient mechanisms. The machinery of shreeram enterprises is well-popular for being highly durable, fast performing, energy saver, user-friendly and low maintenance.

ShreeRam enterprises are incepted in the year 2008. The CEO of Mr. Yuvraj Khedekar has more than 15 years of experience in industrial machines. With the highly professional, experienced engineers and quality expert is the primary key in the success of the shreeram enterprises.

Also, shreeram enterprises and Mr. Yuvraj believe and respect the time of clients. Their services and projects are always delivering on time. And extensive distribution network and competitive prices are other factors that are contributing to the profile of the company.

Technical parameters

  1. It is straightforward to predict this is a fully automatic paper plate machine.
  2. The production capacity of the device is around 20 to 80 plates per minute.
  3. The maximum plate size can be 4” to 14”. The condition of the machine is new.
  4. The voltage for this machine is 240V is, which Is enough.
  5. The weight of the device is nearly 450 kg.

Our Rating:  8.0/10.

The estimated price of the machine: 60,000 per unit.

Address:  S. No. 281, Bansal Complex, Dhanori Road, Lohegaon, Pune – 411047, Maharashtra, India.

Telephone: 08041949687.


09. SKT Manufacturer and Services


SKT Fully Automatic Paper plate machines


Great, we are at the end of our list. It is our last but not least, machine manufacturer company of our list. SKT is a foremost manufacturer and supplier of paper plate machines and semi-automatic single die machines, automatic double die machines, lamination machines, agarbatti machines and many more.

They have a large-scale productivity manufacturing unit in Hyderabad, Telangana. SKT accept orders in all over India and has a large client base. Their company focuses on the best quality standards, innovation, teamwork, and services.

They have highly professional, technical trainers, research and development facility, and technology-friendly team. Other specialties of SKT are excellent machine making infrastructure, Competitive prices, wide distribution range in India, eco-friendly manufacturing, durable, efficient, and reliable.

Technical parameters

  1. SKT automatic plate machines come in two models.
  2. Both are almost similar in the feature but have some differences in design and structure.
  3. Both engines are fully automated.
  4. The production rate of the device is 1800 pcs per hour.
  5. Suitable paperweight is 80 to 300 GSM.
  6. Total power consumption is nearly 1 – 1.5 KW
  7. The power source is 220V 50 Hz.
  8. The weight of the machine is around 300 kilograms.

Our rating: 8.0/10

The estimated price of the machine: 30 to 70k per unit.

Address: M/s SKT Machines, H No: 2-24-90/92, Laxminarayana Nagar, I.D.A, Uppal-500039.

Mobile: 9603823312, 9491072811



Congratulations, folks, for reading article till the end. Above, we discussed the best Ten paper plate making machines, which are highly durable, long-lasting, cost-effective, environment friendly, and more. So, we attached the best paper plate making machine companies in India. All the machines are having excellent features and as well as some unique features as well. We discussed the elements and the area where the present company is dominating others.

We hope, now you understood which machine and tools are fit for your needs. So, choose the best one and hit the inquiry button of the company. It is time to say goodbye, thanks for a good read. All the best for future machines.

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