Top 10 Tissue Paper Making Machine in India 2020

Top 10 Paper Cup Making Machine in India 2020
Top 10 Paper Cup Making Machine in India 2020
April 4, 2020
Top 10 Paper Bag Making Machines in India
Top 10 Paper Bag Making Machines in India 2020
April 12, 2020

Top 10 Tissue Paper Making Machine in India 2020

Top 10 Tissue Paper Making Machine in India 2020

Did you use a tissue paper, ever?

I am not expecting no from you because they are widespread, and we use them almost daily. But in this article, we are not going to discuss tissue papers in depth.

In this article, we will share a list of best tissue paper making machines which are very efficient, durable, high quality, long-lasting, Automatic and much more.

This article is dedicated to all those who are looking to purchase a paper napkin making machine for their new business or maybe old business as well.

“Tissue paper or simply tissue is a kind of paper which is very light in weight. These are papers that can be made from recycled paper pulp. “

These small tissues need a piece of large machinery to produce and circulate them continuously. We will share some parameters as well to get an idea about your next purchase.

Read this article till the end to get a better understanding of the future money-making machine.

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Reasons to choose a tissue paper making machine in 2020

We know you are already searching for the best tissue paper making machine in 2020, that is the reason you are reading our article. We are expecting you are much familiar or know with tissue paper, so we are not going to share basics.

A significant word is they have a bright future and demand in the market. Everybody knows these are not a seasonal item, people use them frequently, right? So, you must point out an area of less competition and good demand.

It can directly change the technique you earn from other business.

Also, day by day the demand of napkins is increasing. People use napkins for so many purposes like facial tissues, wipes, kitchen towels, toilet rolls, packaging purpose, decorative purpose a lot more.

So, now matter in what year, the month you are reading, just analyze and decide to buy a tissue making machine. Become a decision make not an over-thinker.

Parameters that affect your purchase of tissue paper making machine

In this section of our article, we will try to explore the reason or points that we should consider before purchasing a tissue paper making machine. And most of the times these parameters are the same when you purchase any kind of paper making machine. Let’s start,

  1. Well established: As a start-up; it is tougher for everyone to know all parts of the machinery. In this scenario, we need a trusted seller, which is well-known and famous for his/her trust. It is a very first step to find a trusted and quality manufacturer for your machine. A wrong choice can ruin your business or unbalance your budget. Also, you do not need to worry about manufacturers; in this list, we covered and mentioned all trusted and best sellers. Which are famous and well-known for their trust and quality.
  1. High Durability: Everyone love his/her tools and devices. So, nobody wants to lose his/her tools in just a couple of months. Buying a machine for tissue paper business is not a small deal; it costs a considerable amount. So, the build quality of the machine should be high. Make sure the company you choose should follow all the quality measures and standards.
  1. Production Speed: No matter you are a start-up or a well-established business, production speed is the backbone of any business. Less speed means less production that is indicating the negative growth of our business. So, always ask this question, how many tissue papers can your Machine produce in minutes? It is a dangerous thing you must consider before buying a paper napkin making machine. In this scenario, the automatic paper napkin making machines are playing a significant role. The standard production size is around 250 to 300 tissue papers per minute.
  1. Services and maintenance: A machines are not a kind of microwave; it’s tremendous and multifunctional. It needs services and maintenance, but not very quickly. We added most of them are providing a one-year warranty for the machine. But the support of the paper bag making machine is a crucial aspect. You should choose a seller that can offer maintenance services in your area or at least in your state.
  1. Electricity consumption: Electricity consumption is another noteworthy point that we never forgot during the purchase of a paper cup making machine. Nowadays, the modern machines consume less electricity and need less power to run smoothly.

Best 10 Tissue Paper making machines in 2020

01. Excel Enterprises System

Tissue Paper Making Machine

Excel Enterprises System is one of the leading manufactures of the tissue paper making machines in India. Excel enterprises are deep-rooted in 2012 at Paschim Vihar, Delhi.

With the help of a highly experienced team of engineers and operators, they are now one of the top achievers and well-known brand in this domain. They also offer paper cup making machine, paper plate making machine and more.

As we told, our motive is also added best and quality machine companies. The quality is the superior clinical of their organization, and that is the reason you are reading about them in our list.

Also, they are capable of meeting substantial market demands, with on-time delivery. Overall, with a competent team, high-quality machines, premium packaging is one of the best companies to purchase a tissue paper making machine.

Technical Parameters of the machine:

  1. It is time to know more technical and in-depth about excel enterprises tissue paper making machine.
  2. It is a fully automatic machine that means you do not need an extra employee base for manual operations.
  3. It can produce 2.5 lakhs tissue papers in 8 hours.
  4. The power source of this machine is electric and required 220-380 voltage.
Rating of the machine: 9.0/10


Estimated price: 3.5 lakh per unit.


Address: Site 4/187, Vikasgarhi, Paschim Vihar, Delhi -110087, India.


Telephone: 08048619099.


02. Bharat Machines System

Best Tissue Paper Making Machines in India

Bharat machines System are the wholesaler and manufacturer of all types of machines. With the expertise of our highly professional team, we have introduced many Machine multi size, a cost-effective solution.

Bharat machine is established in 2012 at Vadodara, Gujrat, India. It is one of the foremost most company in Gujrat that is setting up remarks in this industry with their high-quality products at an affordable price.

Also, it is the best time and cost-saving machine that is responsible for improving the efficiency and speed of your production. It is 100% durable, flexible and high-quality, and low maintenance paper napkin making machine.

Owing to their highly durable product quality, these are our valued offerings and assure multi level productivity for the customers on account of its operations.

Technical Parameters of the machine

  1. The production capacity of this machine is nearly 100 tissue papers per minute.
  2. The machine is fully automatic and driven by electricity.
  3. It can only produce soft type napkins.
  4. Work of 50/60 Hz frequency.
Rating of the machine: 8.9/10


Estimated price: 1.5 to 2.5 lakh per unit.


Address: 688, Sangam Marble Compound, Tarsali Bypass, Vadodara – 390009, Gujarat, India
Telephone: 08048983414.


03. Jenan Overseas Exports

Tissue Paper Making Machine in 2020

Bravo, we are going very well. Now our next machine is Jenan Overseas Exports Presents automatic tissue paper making machine. Jenan overseas exports is a Delhi, India based company that is well established and fashionable in this domain.

They offer an extensive range of quality machines. Jenan deals with printing, embossing, counting and folding. We are not going in the depth of their other products.

Their management team is highly dedicated and focusing on development, cooperation and modernization. Jenan makes product Parts of machine will be hard chrome and power coating. Mild steel and Carbon steel body.

For better flexibility, it has different sizes, blade adjustments, and gear adjustments as well.

Also, to enhance the efficiency and speed of the products, they used ultra-modern technology and automatic driven operational system. It is highly durable and meets international quality standards.

Technical parameters

  1. We already know it is a fully automatic and fast tissue paper making machine.
  2. It can produce 2,50,000 to 3,00,000 tissue paper per shift.
  3. The speed varies accordingly to the quality and size of the paper.
  4. The Power required is 220 volt or 240 volts.
  5. Total weight of the machine is nearly 2000kg.
  6. It has an auto-stop system at the time of break paper machine will be auto-stop.
Rating of the machine: 9.0/10


Estimated price: 3.50 to 5.00 lakh per unit.


Address: NW-12 Vishnu Garden, New Delhi-110018 India.
Telephone: +91 (0) 11 25913140, +91 (0) 9999432597.


Email ID:

04. Delta Paper Machine Pvt. Ltd

delta Tissue Paper Making Machine

Delta paper machines are one of the old or highly experienced seller and manufacturer of advance machines.

Delta established in 1990, after 30+ years they are top of the sellers, exports, and manufacturers in this industry. They also deal in Wholesaler, export, distributor, association, supplier, service provider, importer, trader and more businesses.

And the with the expertise of their experienced professionals they designed this cost-effective  machines.

They offer a wide range of Hi-speed, Automatic, Convertible manufacturers machine. Delta Paper Machines designed products are developed and prepared as per the set industry regulations and provide hassle free support.

These machines are safe and quick to operate, easy to maintain, easy to install, and more production quantity.

Technical Parameters of the machine

  1. The size of the standard core inner diameter of parent roll is 76 MM.
  2. The cutting range of the machine is around 230 mm to 350 mm.
  3. It has an A.C 3H motor with variable speed drive.
  4. The capacity of production is 250 – 300 pcs per minute that depends upon paper.
  5. The maximum paper width can be 300mm to 350mm.
  6. For Smooth functioning, it requires 10” * 6” * 4” space.
Rating of the machine: 8.5/10


Estimated price: 3.00 to 4.00 lakh per unit.


Address: 23, Krishna Nagar, Near Tarun Niketan School, Sehatpur, Faridabad, Haryana (121003.)


Telephone: +91 99992 95697.


05. ShreeRam Enterprises

Afforadable Tissue Paper Making Machine

ShreeRam Enterprises is one of the leading manufacturer companies of best quality paper plate machine, and cutting machines, paper bag making machines.

There has a wide range of machine products such as Dona, Glass, bag, lamination Making. Owing to the highly advance manufacturing division they are instrumental in developing hydraulic machines that make us expert and help to make our client satisfied.

ShreeRam is a Pune, Maharashtra (India) based company which has set new dimensions in the industry with the help of its high quality and durable machines.

The thin paper napkin making machines of the ShreeRam are high in quality and long-lasting. One of the plus points of these is a low maintenance cost and high efficiency. They are self-motivated and follow a client-centric approach.

Technical Parameters

  1. ShreeRam tissue paper machine is based on a fully automatic driven system.
  2. It requires phase and 220V electricity.
  3. The size of the machine is standard
  4. The production speed is nearly 450 to 440 sheets per minute.
  5. The weight of the machine is approx. 1500kg.
Rating of the machine: 8.5/10


Estimated price: 5 lakh or above per unit.


Address: S. No. 281, Bansal Complex, Dhanori Road, Lohegaon, Pune – 411047, Maharashtra, India.
Telephone: +91 8041949687


06. Unique Fluid Controls

Advanced Tissue Paper Making Machine

Unique fluid control is a group of professionals who are engaged in manufacturing and exporting the high-quality assortment of paper napkin making machine, paper cup making machine, paper bag making machine and much more.

It is constructed on 2016 at Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu. Their products are international quality standards and cover Bangladesh, India, and Srilanka markets.

Unique development team follow the customer-oriented approach and delivery deadline. The primary key strength of the all types of machines are:

  1. Cost-effective price.
  2. Large production capacity.
  3. Durable, etc.

Technical parameters of the machine

  1. This napkin making machine is full automation based that is responsible for fast and efficient work.
  2. It requires 3 phase connection and 220 voltage.
  3. The power is around 5KW.
  4. It can produce nearly 2,00,000 sheets per 8 hours.
Rating of the machine: 8.4/10


Estimated price: 5.5 lakh per unit.


Address: 74, Athipalayam Road, Coimbatore- 641035, Tamil Nadu, India.
Telephone: +91 8048709313


07. Vibhuti Industries Pvt. ltd

Cheap Tissue Paper Making Machine

Vibhuti industry is a much-established manufacturer of Advance machines. It is one of the most trusted napkins making manufacturing machine company.

With large production unit Vibhuti strives to deliver top quality and performance. They have more than decades of experience which you can feel relaxed in their product design, quality and performance.

Also, the CEO of the company Mahesh Patel is adopting latest and modern technologies to enhance the overall performance of the machine.

This Vibhuti tissue paper making machine is designed to deliver precise cuts and counting at high speed.

Also, an operator can customise the shape, printing design, size and embossing according to the needs: deficient maintenance and ideal machine to spend your hard money on the best product.

Technical Parameters:

  1. The supported paper width is 22cm, 24cm, 27cm, 30cm, 40cm, as per the requirement.
  2. The size of the parent roll diameter is 1200mm.
  3. It can produce 2,00,000 tissue papers per shift in 8 hours.
  4. The AC 220 voltage power is required.
  5. A counting system is attached that can count online with the help of electronics.
Rating of the machine: 8.5/10


Estimated price: 5 lakh per unit.


Address: I – A-112, Parishikher Industrial Estate, C.T.M., Near Ramol Toll Naka, Ramol, Ahmedabad – 382418, Gujarat (INDIA).
Telephone: +91 9924022239, + 91 9624022239.


08. Delta Paper Machine

Paper Nampkin Making Machine

Another delta company but only name matches, their work and performance are different. It is a Faridabad, Haryana based company running by Mr Jagbir Singh.

Delta holding expertise in manufacturing C-fold Paper Towel, Toilet Paper Roll Making, Rewinding Machine & Micro-slitting, and much more.

It is a reputed firm which is working from last two decades as reputed Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier and Service Providers.

From the very initial stage, They have devoted themselves into providing a cost effective service to our customers.  Efforts of our experts maintaining competitive prices and highly affordable service after sale helped us build-up trust and reputation among clients.

Technical parameters

  1. The size of the standard core inner diameter of parent roll is nearly 76mm.
  2. Cutting range of the machine is around 230mm to 350mm.
  3. It can manufacture 300 pcs per minute.
  4. The wight of the machine is 2000kg and space required is 10’ & 6’ * 4’.
  5. The maximum paper width can be 300mm/350mm.
Rating of the machine: 8.3/10


Estimated price: 3 to 7 lakh per unit.


Address: 23/3, Krishna Nagar, Sehatpur Extension, Faridabad – 121003, Haryana, India
Telephone: +91 8037261234.


09. Happy mechanical Company

Highly Automatic Tissue Paper Making Machine

Happy mechanical works is a manufacturer and exporter of industrial machines for all types of paper napkins and tissue making machine.

They established in 2009 and nowadays they are rise as a market leader in this domain. Clients highly appreciate Their products and machines.  The entire range of their products is fabricated using best quality raw material which obtains from the most trusted vendors.

This happy mechanical tissue paper making machine is the corrosion resistance and has a perfect finish. Also, happy mechanical providing an affordable, flexible, durable tissue paper making machine.

Technical parameters

  1. It contains a single and double embossing, rotary cutting system, one drum ¼ folding, digitally counting with totalise, one cutter set, attachment with anti-static eliminator accessory and more.
  2. The production speed is 275 to 300 sheets per minute.
  3. The length, width and height of the machine is 110i inch, 85 inch, and 80 inches respectively.
Rating of the machine: 8.4/10


Estimated price: 6 lakh per unit.


Address: Plot No 97,2, HSIIDC RAI SONEPAT, Vishnu Garden, Sonipat – 131029, Haryana, India
Telephone: +91 8048078250.


10.Perfect Machinery  Engineering

Tissue Paper Making Machine For Small Scale Business

Our last machine of the list is perfect machinery. It is one of the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Service Providers of all advance manufacturer Machines.

They are a team of dexterous professionals and has vast knowledge in this domain. Also, they offer 100% client satisfaction and customization facility.

Their products are international quality standards due to the dimensional accuracy, excellent performance, high durability, and reliability of the range of the products.

Apart, they develop wide range in highly equipped infrastructure that helps them in fulfilling the bulk and urgent order of the customers on time.

Technical Parameters

  1. Speed of the production is around 275 – 300 sheets per minute.
  2. It has one colour of flexors printing. Raw material tissue can be 21 to 27 gsm.
  3. A 2 HP DC Motor with single-phase DC drive.
  4. The weight of the machine is around 2200 kg.
  5. It has one male-female embossing net.
Rating of the machine: 8.0/10


Estimated price: 5 to 6 lakh per unit.


Address: N.W.-114, Vishnu Garden, New Delhi – 110018, India
Telephone: +91 09891378531, 09968388085.



Thanks for your great reading, so it was all about the best tissue paper making machines. We shared a list of 10 most popular napkin making machine companies which are highly in demand and famous for their quality.

We also mentioned all the address, price, machine technical parameter and every necessary detail. Now it is up to you which machine do you like more or accomplish your needs.

Before making a final decision must read our parameters that can affect the purchase of your tissue making machine.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to you, have a great purchase and business growth—best of luck mates.


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